Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What are you up to?

Here's a bit of fun - courtesy of Meet Me At Mikes - while we wait for the casserole to cook and me to post the recipe...thanks Pip!

What are you up to? I'm...

Making : cups of green tea
Cooking : beef casserole, stayed tuned
for the recipe
Drinking : no alcohol for at least a week!

Reading: Richard Flanagan, Austerlitz and last weekend's A2

Wanting: to read Kalinda Ashton's debut novel

Looking: a lot better than I was on Sunday

Playing: Restaurant City on Facebook, such good procrastination

Wasting: time (see above)

Sewing: nothing yet, but I soon will be thanks to these guys

Wishing: I could give up my day job

Enjoying: a Chocolate Wheaten

Waiting: to go and watch Coco avant Chanel with Foo
that people keep sending in their recipes - you should send one too! wotsfortea(at)gmail(dot)com
Wondering: where to go on holidays next month
Loving: The Kobra

Hoping: I get this assignment finished on time
Marvelling: at how the dog never stops hassling the cat; no matter how many paw slaps she gets dealt
Needing: a nana nap

Smelling: the jonquils I bought at the market this afternoon

Wearing: my apron

complete strangers on Twitter - that's what you're meant to do right?
how cool the little Ghostpatrol sketch I scored looks hanging in the hall
it'll work out in the end, it always does
Thinking:how good these early morning walks along the beach are

Feeling: tired but in a good way (see above)

Bookmarking: the online Macquarie Dictionary

Opening:my new copy of Delicious that arrived in today's post
Giggling: always

Casserole recipe will be up very soon.

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