Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lindt-topped Caramel Slice - 2 - $

If you're going to make caramel slice, then you might as well go the whole way and make it as decadent as possible.

My caramel slice base recipe comes from the fabulous Afternoon Tea cookbook put together by the lovelies at Frankie Magazine. This book is full of old school recipes and has just been reprinted for the third time. It is excellent for gifting.
I like this book because it contains a few recipes that I'm sometimes embarrassed to admit to having never made and also because there are some classics in there that you can tweak.
To jazz up the old caramel slice I simply put an easy, yet fancy chocolate layer on the top. The pear flavour of the chocolate goes delightfully with the caramel. This way please...


100gm block of Lindt Pear Indulgence dark chocolate (if you think you need to have a nibble then buy two blocks)
50gms copha (this lives near the butter at your stupormarket)

Wait until your slice has cooled completely.
Break up the chocolate and copha and place in a double boiler. Stir them to combine as they melt.
Using an oven mitt very carefully pour the chocolate over the top of the slice. The bits of pear and almonds that are in the chocolate will sink to the bottom, so make sure you spread them evenly over the top of the caramel.
Put your slice tray in the fridge to set the chocolate. When you're ready to cut it, it's easiest to take the slice out of the tray and do it on a chopping board. A knife dipped in hot water is the way forward to cleanly dissect this dessert.



Trisha said...

That's it - that photo just made my day. I'm going to make this one of these days because it just looks oh so luscious!!!

What's For Tea? said...

Hi Trisha, I say don't delay, get into this decadent little slice today. Thanks for dropping by! x

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