Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reader Recipe Competition!

My favourite part about writing this blog is when people email me a recipe or leave a comment. It's nice to know people are reading my little ramblings and being inspired to cook up a storm for their friends and family.

So to show my appreciation, there's going to be a few a prizes around here! It's my little way of saying Thanks for dropping by and supporting What's For Tea?

To kick things off, I have this fabulous Mexican shopping bag to giveaway, that Mr Tea kindly brought back from Oaxaca. (I haven't actually used it, I just put a few things in it so you can see how cool you'll look walking around the market with this tote.)

How do I win this prize? I hear you ask. Well you need to submit a recipe. You can email it to and it MUST have a photo to accompany the text. Please don't send in any recipes that have come from other people's books or websites, if you've tweaked something to make it your own, that's fine, just no copying OK?
Entries close Friday the 11th December and the winner will be announced shortly after. I'll post the entries online as they come in and I will post the bag to the lucky winner - so you can enter from anyway in the world.

I can't wait to see what you guys get up to in your own kitchens!


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