Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hawkers' Market - Food & Wine Festival

Last night we enjoyed Melbourne's balmy weather and the best hawker-style food that the city has to offer. Queen Victoria Market was transformed into a little haven of Asian cuisine with twelve different restaurants serving up some of their signature dishes.

We handed over our cash and were handed four tickets to trade for food. Needless to say we stuffed ourselves silly and enjoyed the entertainment and live demonstrations.

Tom Yum - yum!

Unfortunately the Hawkers' Market is now over for another year, so I thought I'd share some images and encourage you to make room in your diaries for next year's festival.

Hallah Hot Tok - Sweet Green Tea Pancakes

Maedaya Seafood Okonomiyaki

Making Roti

Maedaya Charcoal Chicken Skewers with Wasabi Mayo



Rowena said...

Loved this review Anthea, cant wait to go next week

Anna said...

Hi, I've updated you on the Australian Food Bloggers webpage

What's For Tea? said...

I think the night market is over now until next summer Row :(

Thanks for the update Anna!

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