Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemonade & Flea Market Finds - 1 - $ - V

I have been enjoying my long weekend immensely! It has been a non-stop procession of fine wine, fine food and the finest company.
I've also had the luxury of some downtime which means I've had a chance to read the paper on the day it came out (unheard of usually), spend some time in the kitchen and potter around a few op-shops. The last two activities now bring you my Flea Market Finds for this week and some lemonade: trumpets please!

I picked up these teeny, tiny, little crystal vases at the Sacred Heart Mission op shop in St Kilda for $2. The round one has a small chip on the rim but I am fairly sure that the people who visit my house aren't going to examine my glassware for faults, so it matters not. I also think the diamond shaped one was probably a perfume bottle originally.

The lemonade takes all of 10 minutes to prepare and even though it does have a lot of sugar, at least there's no preservatives. Lolly water lovers, you're better off making your own. My hot tip for this is not to use brown sugar - like I did the first time - because it will look like a dark ale and no one will believe you when you swear you're not drinking a beer for morning tea.

Ingredients - makes approximately 1/2 litre

400ml lemon juice (about 6 large lemons)
300gm sugar
100gm honey

Juice your lemons and then take a moment to admire your newly formed biceps.
Heat the sugar and honey in a pot over medium heat until it melts together. You will need to give it a good, swift stir to get it to blend together.
Pour in the lemon juice and bring it to a simmer. Let it bubble away for about 5 minutes and very carefully have a taste, as it will be hot. Adjust to taste, ie more honey or juice.
Allow to cool and store in the refrigerator.
Serve over ice.



marian said...

there's nothing better than homemade lemonade..thanks so much for the recipe :)

simauma said...

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Selina said...

mmm, nice recipe! I love those little bud vases too, I can NEVER resist those!

What's For Tea? said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone! I hope you get a chance to make some lemonade this week and score some more excellent secondhand finds :)

Steph said...

Lovely little vases...and yummy recipe! Hope all is well in your world :)

What's For Tea? said...

Thanks Steph! I've just been over at your blog and it's divine :)

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