Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foodie Booty From Japan

I had the most delicious blast from the past today! So nice when an old friend looks you up.
If you're wondering whether to send someone you've been thinking about an email or a text, or to give them a call - then DO IT! It will make their day.

And then luckiest of luckies my friend Snake gave me some pressies that he bought back from Tokyo. He went just for the weekend would you believe! That's just how he rolls and he also bakes a mean flourless cake that you can find over here.

Here a some pics of my loot:

I hope you don't feel like tofu because this is actually a note pad

A swallow friand mould and corn and potato toffees

The corn ones kind of taste like corn but the potato ones just taste like toffee.

There's some more images from Japan over here.

Thanks Snake!

1 comment:

Agnes said...

Oooh ahh look at that loot! :D The friand mould is so cute.

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