Monday, May 17, 2010

Review - Cookie - $$-$$$ - V

What a treat to go out for dinner on a Monday night. And even more of a treat to share a meal with the fab Montan sisters!

I am often surprised by how many people I know that live in Melbourne and have never eaten at Cookie. It's a little pricey for a quick lunch I guess, but if you want some quality Thai - in a nice setting and with great service - then you can't go wrong here.

I did say it was low lit

Day or night I love this dining room. It's high ceilings and big windows make it bright and airy on a sunny day. And the low lighting and table doilies provide a warm and cosy dinner on a chilly evening. Long, boozy Sunday lunches are a joy with the uber-stocked bar; and raucous evening meals with a big crew are just as enjoyable.

Imagine what they'd say about this plating on Masterchef...

The waiters here know their way around the giant book of a wine list and they don't hesitate to make a call if you ask them to choose between possibles when you're finding it hard to order. And it is hard to order here because the menu is large and incredibly appetising. It is divided into small, medium and large dishes which you can pick and choose to devise starters and mains; or just order lots of little things to share - there are no rules here.

It is Thai food, cooked more often than not by Thai chefs, so as our waiter diplomatically put it 'It's Thai hot, not Aussie hot', when quizzed about the heat of the curries. She also advised that it depends on the chef, as I recounted having my head spun the last time I ordered the egg net. I'm not wimpy when it comes to spicy, but boy did that one test my mettle.

Tonight we enjoyed: Pad Thai - simple traditional noodles but fresh and tasty; yellow curry with snapper and green papaya - medium spiced and pretty fishy tasting broth, but with good variation in texture; pork belly with green beans - salty, fatty, perfectly crisp pork but beware the pieces of green chili masquerading as beans; and steamed salmon with ginger, Chinese broccoli and lemongrass - milky, perfectly cooked fish, but a little light on flavours elsewhere. Coconut rice to share and a lovely night was had by all.

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Your Animal said...

It was totally delicious. Not a scrap was left in our bowls except for one slice of green chilli in Rob's bowl which Nancy the 'chilli monsterrrr' promptly stuffed into her mouth.

What's For Tea? said...

C is for chili it's good enough for me!

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