Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review - STREAT Mobile Food Cart - $-$$ - V

OK Melbournians listen up! This is your social conscience speaking.

It is pretty chilly and wet in our fair city at the moment, which always makes me think about those less fortunate than my lucky self. People who perhaps aren't able to keep warm, or get the food and support that they need. There are various ways that we can help and now it's as simple as buying your lunch.
Yes, you heard right - YOU buy lunch and help homeless youth. It's win win!

Fed Square has become the location for STREAT's first mobile food cart. STREAT is a social enterprise that is providing disadvantaged youth with training and support for long-term careers in hospitality. There is loads of information over here about this amazing organisation.

You will find the cart opposite St Paul's Cathedral on the Flinders Street side of Fed Square, where they trade Tuesday-Saturday, serving up delicious hawker-style food. The seasonal menu is featuring lots winter warming curries and wraps at the moment. By far the biggest bargain is soup and roll for $5!

Just in case you didn't believe me - it really is $5!

On my first visit to STREAT I chowed down on a chickpea, lentil and spinach wrap for $8.50. The wrap itself is roti-like bread full of a mix of lentil and chickpeas and is a little like dahl. It was spicy in a flavour sense, but not hot like curry and the baby spinach inside is fresh and gives a bit of texture and crunch. Best of all it filled me up right until dinner time and I got all warm and fuzzy knowing that every cent of my lunch money was helping out someone trying to make a change in their life.

Next time you're in the city I highly recommend going to grab a bite from the STREAT cart, it's cheap, healthy and delicious - a winning combination for a quick lunch. And you will be helping your community - Kulinary Karma at its finest.
You don't just have to take my word for it either, head over to Penny's and she'll tell you all about it too...

(If you don't live in Melbourne but would like to contribute to this fine enterprise you can do so over here.)

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Jetsetting Joyce (MEL: HOT OR NOT) said...

Thanks for the review - you've just reminded me that I have to visit. That wrap looks great too, so flaky!

Jetsetting Joyce

What's For Tea? said...

Hi JJ!

It's my pleasure to spread the word about STREAT! The food is good, the concept is fantastic and the people involved an inspiration.

Hope you get down there soon and stay tuned for some special events :)

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