Friday, July 30, 2010

Reader Recipe - Charley's Magical Chicken Pho - 2 - $

I'm not sure what it's like in your part of the world at the moment, but everywhere I turn there are sniffles and sneezes and coughs and lots of people feeling pretty poorly. The only thing apart from rest and cuddles that's going to make everyone feel better is chicken soup!

Last time I wasn't very well my friend Charley sent me this recipe for her Magic Soup that she swears is the best cure for a cold - and she's not wrong. So perhaps over the weekend you might like to pop a pot on and keep the winter chills at bay?

The recipe is in two parts so make sure you read all the way to the bottom to get the complete list of ingredients. At the last step I like to add some finely chopped fresh red chili too.

Thanks Charley! She writes...

8-10 cups chicken stock (alternatively, use 5 chicken stock cubes dissolved in 10 cups water)
1 whole chicken, cut in half - get the butcher to do it for you if you don't know how
3 spring onions, cut into lengths
1 cinnamon stick
thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled and bruised
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
2 tbs fish sauce

Combine all ingredients in a large stock pot, bring to the boil, then simmer for 45 minutes to one hour, depending on how large the chicken is. Skim off any fat or foam that floats to the surface. Once the chicken is cooked through, remove from the stock and set aside to cool. Discard the solid pieces in the stock, reserving the broth. Add 2 tbsp fish sauce to the broth once you've drained away the solids, keep warm on the stove. Once the chicken is cool enough to handle, remove the skin and take the meat off in long strips.
1 packet rice stick noodles (use small to thick noodles, depends on what you like, I like medium sized ones)
bean sprouts
slice of lemon
thinly sliced onion

Boil noodles for six minutes, drain and rinse. Place the noodles, then onion, then the chicken pieces, then the bean sprouts; cover the lot with hot broth and top with coriander, mint, a slice of lemon and some white pepper.
(I also like to add steamed broccoli, carrots or zucchini just to give it some added nutrition)


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