Friday, September 10, 2010

Cheat's Saturday Night Burger - 1 - $ - V

Do you sometimes REALLY want to eat junk food? Even though you know summer is just around the corner and you REALLY need to think about getting into your togs. Well I do!
This cheat's recipe is still a little bit naughty but it helps to get through the it's-Saturday-night-and-I-want-grease madness.

I know it's a bought veggie burger and of course you could make your own, but I am cheating so I used a ready made one (a quality ready made one of course). You can add any kind of salady topping to this little baby, for example some grated carrot or some beetroot or fried onions. Some of you might want to add pineapple, which I don't like, but I'm not here to judge, I'm here to help.


Veggie patty/burger (bought or homemade)Bagel (or bread roll of your choice) lightly toasted
Cheese slice (I opted for Swiss)
Egg (or not)
Cos lettuce (or any other leaf)
Tomato, thinly sliced
Roasted peppers
Tomato sauce (or relish)
Anything else you want to bung on there

Pop your patty in a pan to cook.
Slice all your ingredients ready to go.
Toast your bread and while this is happening put your egg on to cook beside the patty.
Over easy with the egg and pop the peppers in to heat up. Your patty should be cooked by now, so turn it and then place your cheese slice on it's nice hot top to start melting. If you're egg is cooked sit it on top of the cheese to help wit the melting action.
Meanwhile smear some mayo on one half of the now toasted bun, and some avocado on the other half. Make the mayo bun the bottom and start piling on your salad. Carefully transfer your hot patty/cheese/egg onto the salad base. Tomato sauce on top, pop on the lid and away you go.


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