Saturday, September 4, 2010

Macaron Madness Giveaway!

Do you love macarons? I luuuuuurve macarons! I love them so much I would marry them.

Orange macaron at Hardware Societe

This week has been very busy reading and writing a lot about macarons (not for here but for somewhere else and when it comes out I will tell you and then you can read all about it). And then, just by chance, my gorgeous friend Kayla gave me a zine all about macarons! It was most excellent timing and very kooky and spooky timing too.

The zine is made by someone called Becksley - she loves macarons so much she made a whole little mag about them! That's dedication for you. Zines take a really long time and a lot of love to make (I used to make zines but now blogging is a LOT easier). In Melbourne we are very lucky to have a place called Sticky Institute where you can buy all sorts of zines on just about anything.

Here's some I devoured earlier...

I liked Becksley's zine so much I went and bought a copy so that one of YOU can have it! If you would like to win a copy of this zine because YOU love macarons then please leave a comment below. I can post this anywhere in the whole world so everyone is welcome to try and win. The competition will stay open until midnight on Monday 6th September (AEST). If you don't win and you would like a copy you can always buy one via Sticky Institute.

Melbourne - home of world class macarons and self-publishing.



Andy said...

Do all Macarons have nuts in them?

bri said...

I'd love to win this zine! I tried my first ever macarons this week... what a coincidence. They are a bit harder to find here in little ol' Tassie, but I have been ogling them in food blogs for ages!

Samantha Sutton said...

I would absolutely love to win this zine. I work opposite the lindt cafe and have become dangerously addicted. and like any good addict, ive been corrupting all my friends too! think they both hate me and love me for it at the same time! absolutely amazing, cant wait to read what you've been writing about them

fodla is my home girl said...

I love them so much I would not only marry them but I would have their babies, cook their dinner and when they got old and wrinkly I'd wipe their bums... beat that!

REL said...

today my très mignonne 14 year old cousin - who has fallen deeply in love with all things french - let me in on her desire to one day become a pastry chef... to which i replied 'mais, OUI!', and went on to suggest that upon finishing school she should immediately make her way to paris to train in the art of pastry. she agreed that the idea was merveilleux, and my how her eyes sparkled as she was struck with the vision of opening her own petite pâtisserie!
if you please, i would adore the chance to give her the super sweet zine to inspire her to keep her little frenchy dream alive! vive le macaron et vive le rêve!

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

I love Macarons too and would also love to win the zine!

What's For Tea? said...

Thanks everyone for playing! Alas there can only be one winner so I used the trusty powers or to come up with the lucky number.

And the winner is...drum roll please...Bri!

Bri - please do send me an email with your address to

Maybe with some trusty recipes and guidance you can be Macaron Queen of Tassie?

bri said...

Yay! Thank you! I sent an email yesterday, hope you got it :)

I will definitely have to try cooking some, they are just so impressive. The biggest hurdle will be conquering my rubbish oven, but I will give it my best shot!

What's For Tea? said...

I did get your email Bri and your prize is on the way!

Please do let us know about your macaron adventures...

Thanks for playing :)

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