Monday, September 7, 2009

Breakfast Club Review - Mitte, North Fitzroy - $$ - $$$

Last year I was lucky enough to be inducted into the prestigious Breakfast Club. I can't tell you much more than that because the first rule of Breakfast Club is...well you know how it goes.

Our most recent outing was to Mitte, situated on the corner of Michael and Rowe Streets, in North Fitzroy. It's very white and bright and airy. The staff are friendly but not so the locals who seemed a bit put out that we were smart enough to arrive early and take their pole position window table.

I had decided to order the breakfast crumble (pictured) before we even arrived, which is vanilla and cinnamon poached pears and apples, topped with a macadamia nut crumble and served with mascarpone - like dessert but at the opposite end of the day.
Other meals consumed by club members were pikelets served with homemade lemon curd and mascarpone (pictured); poached eggs with a giant chickpea bake covered in fresh coriander; and the Caesar eggs, putting a salad on toast just seemed to work.
The coffee is very good, in fact I had two, which considering I have a self-imposed one latte-a-day limit is saying something.
The vultures waiting for somewhere to sit certainly wanted us to hurry up, but the waiters didn't seemed fussed and let us take our time and enjoy the experience without shoving our bill on the table before being asked.
By 10am the place was packed and the tables perched out on the footpath are not as inviting as the set-up inside, so I suggest you head there early for a good spot.
Little people are most definitely welcome and the rather large menu warrants several visits, although one Clubber declared as we were leaving 'I'd come here again and have the exact same thing.'

Mitte scores an impressive 4.5 cravats out of 5.

Where it lost points? One crumble didn't have enough crumble and one crumble was more syrup than fruit under its ample crumble.

YOU could start your own breakfast club you know. Just get a bunch of friends together who love to eat and try new things and aren't afraid to lock in a regular culinary date.


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