Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I started the day by winning something courtesy of the lovely and ever gorgeous Lady Melbourne. Thanks Lady M!

So I think you should have the chance to win too! I have a copy of my food writing hero Matt Preston's book Cravat-A-Licious to give away - hooray!

This book is a collection of his columns and various other articles, including some recipes, and is a great book to drop in and out of for some culinary inspiration. I had to stop reading this on the train on the way to work as I'd be salivating and ravenous by the time I got there.

Please leave your name in the comments below, you have until the end of Friday to enter.



m.e (Cathie) said...

congrats on the win!
you must be missing the daily cravat dose on tv :)

Sleekit said...

congratulations Lady, I'm looking forward to seeing you soon x

Agnes said...

Yay for winning a competition! Hopefully it was something gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

hi lady! sounds like a good book...not sure i need any help getting hungry though :) x sandi

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