Saturday, January 9, 2010

Frittata Stack - 2 - $ - V - !

There's a very cranky pug living at my house. She's cranky, not because her name is The Pickle, but because it's too hot for her to go out for a walk. Due to having a squished pug face, she can't pant like other dogs, which means she can't cool down like other dogs. No cooling, means no venturing outside when the mercury is sitting pretty at 35C degrees.

I don't get cranky when it's hot, but I don't have much of an appetite and I certainly don't feel like cooking. This recipe is a good one to make when the weatherman gives the hot temperature heads-up because you can put it in the fridge and it tastes just as good cold as it does hot. Perfect to take to picnics and camping too.


2 medium sized capsicums, red or yellow are best
2 medium zucchinis
6 eggs
1/2 tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped
3-4 chives
100gm cheese, anything you like really eg. tasty, Gouda, Jarlsberg, depends what mood the taste buds are in and what's in the fridge
butter or olive oil
salt and pepper

You need a cake tin for this dish and a fry pan that is around the same diameter as the tin. A spring-loaded tin is best, however if you don't have one, you just need to put enough baking paper in the tin so that it reaches up the sides and you can pull out the stack once cooked.

Preheat oven to 200C degrees and line the cake tin with baking paper.

Cut the capsicums in half and remove the seeds, pop them in a baking dish and roast for around 45 minutes, or until the skin is black and blistering.
The best way to remove the skins is to put the hot capsicums in a freezer bag, trap some air in there and then tie off until they cool. The skins should then just slide off and you can slice remaining flesh.

Meanwhile, slice the zucchinis length ways and grill them to your liking.

Beat two of the eggs in a bowl, season with the salt and pepper and mix in the parsley. Preheat the fry pan on a medium-low heat and drop in a dash of olive or butter. Pour the egg in and cook only on one side until it's just starting to set on the top. Right when you think it needs a little longer is the EXACT time to take it off the heat.
Put the egg in the cake tin, cooked side down. Then layer the zucchini on the slightly runny top and cover with half the cheese (you can shred or slice the cheese, it matters not).

Cook the next two eggs in the same way, but with nothing added to them. Again, put the egg on top of the zucchini layer cooked side down. Layer your sliced peppers on the runny egg and top with the remaining cheese.
Cook the last of the eggs the same way, but add the chopped chives once you've beaten the eggs. I find the best way to chop chives is with scissors straight over whatever you are adding them to.
This time, put the egg runny side down on top of the stack to seal it.

Bake in the oven at 240C degrees for 10 minutes.
Allow the stack to cool for about 5 minutes before attempting to lift it out if you don't use a spring-loaded tin.
Serve hot or cold.


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