Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drink - Pimms No 1 Cup - 1 - $$

Having bought a bottle of Pimms, to prepare Mr Oliver's delicious Grilled Strawberries at a very special party on the weekend, I found myself in the following situation:

'Add a couple of splashes of Pimms to the strawberries' said Jamie.
'Whatever will I do with the rest of the bottle?' I replied.
'I think we both know the answer to that...' said Jamie with a wink.

Well he didn't really, but I'm sure he would have had he been there. He is English after all and what else do you do on a summer's day in Old Blighty? Have a Pimms No 1 of course daaaarlings!


1 punnet of strawberries
1 cucumber
1 lemon or orange or half of each
1 bunch of fresh mint
ginger ale

Find yourself a pretty jug, preferably glass so you can see all the lovely bits bobbing about.
Remove the tops from the strawberries, wash and then chop them into quarters.
Wash the cucumber, leave the skin on and chop into small sticks or thin rounds.
Slice the lemon/orange and pick off some mint leaves.
Put lots of ice in the jug and add all your chopped fruit and mint.
Depending on your level of match fitness add 1/3 Pimms, 1/3 ginger ale and 1/3 lemonade, or whatever you think is suitable for the size of the jug and the tastes of your company.
Lots of bubbles will form, so let them settle and add more ginger ale or lemonade to top up.
Stir well with a swizzle stick or a chopstick.
Put your pinky in the air and sashay into the garden to serve.
Be careful, this tastes like lolly water but packs a punch.



m.e (Cathie) said...

my SIL made some for christmas & it was THE best thing EVER!!

What's For Tea? said...

I'm with you Cathie - SO good! x

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