Friday, January 1, 2010

Eggy Crumpets - 2 - $ - (V)

Happy New Year everyone!

A new decade awaits and possibly a sore head has arrived after the festivities. The first day of the year heralds the first fry-up because there's no point fighting a hangover - just feed it and send it on its way.

These crumpets are based on a Jamie Oliver recipe that I've tweaked, thanks geezer!

The following serves 2.


2 eggs
4 crumpets
4 rashers of bacon
2 tomatoes, halved
150gm button mushrooms, sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed
1tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped
1tbsp basil, chopped
salt and pepper

Pop a little knob of butter in a pot over a medium heat. Add the crushed garlic, stir for 30 seconds and then add the mushrooms and basil, stirring well to coat all the mushrooms in butter. Let them cook away slowly, reducing the heat if need be while you prepare the rest of the meal.

Put the bacon in a large fry pan over a medium-high heat.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, and stir in the parsley. Dip the crumpets in the egg mix and let them soak it all up. Fry them in the same pan as the bacon. If you're omitting the bacon from this meal, melt some butter in the pan to cook the crumpets in.
It will only take around a minute on each side for the egg to cook and become lovely and golden.
When you flip the crumpets to cook the second side, add the tomatoes to the pan flesh side down and cook for as long as it takes to finish off the crumpets.
Serve immediately.


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