Monday, January 4, 2010

Prickly Pear Cocktail - 1 - $

I've decide to call 'time-out' on the silly season at my place. After indulging for what seems like months, I fear that I will need some kind detox if I don't stop; or at the very least I won't be able to fit into my jeans by the end of the week.

But just because the fun police are on stake-out at mine, doesn't mean I can't help YOU have some more good times with this refreshing little drinkie.

My friend Simon was inspired by a similar drink a little while ago, so he tweaked and I tweaked and now we present...the Prickly Pear.

The following makes enough for two people with some kind of decorum, or one big one for a lush. Amend as you will.


60ml Absolut pear infused vodka
1 fresh lime
1/2 handful fresh mint
1 cup good quality ginger beer
crushed ice

Ideally you want to make this in a cocktail shaker, but improvise with a big glass and a little plastic cup that fits inside it, if need be. If you don't have a 'muddler', again, improvise with a wooden spoon, rolling pin or pastry brush handle.
Slice the lime into quarters and put it and the mint into your shaker. Muddle them until the juices and fragrance start to come out and mix together. Don't be shy, really give them a good squishing.

Add some crushed ice and the vodka, pop the lid on the shaker, raise to shoulder height and do you best Peter Allen off to Rio impersonation. Absolutely dance round the kitchen while mixing.
Add some more crushed ice to the two glasses, strain your cocktail mix over the ice and then top up with the ginger beer. A little mint on the side to garnish and away you go.


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