Friday, January 8, 2010

Project 365

Not for the first time, the lovely Ms Mushy has inspired me to get involved with a creative project.
You can read about Project 365 over here. Basically, it's a photographic project in which you post a photo everyday of the year. There are a few variations as it all started with the 365 Days project which is for self-portraits, but considering I pretty much photograph some kind of food everyday, I'm sticking with Project 365.
Luckily you can start whenever you like!

Maybe you'd like to play along at home? Feel free to leave a link to your project in the comments below so we can see your pics.

My first picture is of some homegrown produce that I was lucky enough to be gifted today by a gorgeous woman, who is obviously kind of heart as well as being a green thumb.
White zucchinis, red onions, chives and thyme if you don't mind!

Stay tuned for what I plan to do with them and you can bet there will be some zucchini slice made this weekend!

I won't be posting my pics here everyday, but I will update the Facebook fan page so you can check on my progress when you're boss isn't looking or the tiny peeps are having a nap.

Enjoy shutterbugs!

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