Friday, February 12, 2010

Deep Fried Mars Bars - Och Aye The Noo

I have just returned from a whirlwind tour of London, southern Ireland and northern Scotland and jetlag, as it turns out, is great for blogging.

I tried many of the local delicacies whilst I was away: haggis, black pudding, Guinness and single malt whiskys to name but a few.
Being a firm believer of not knocking it until having a least tried it, I could not go past the Deep Fried Mars Bars! Simultaneously repelled and curious, I was quick to put up my hand when our guide made the offer of buying some.

Apparently this fried beastie was born in Stonehaven in Scotland. A chilled Mars Bar is dipped in batter - the same kind used for the fish, sausages and pizzas (that's a whole other Scottish thing) - and then thrown in the deep fryer. The result is a surprisingly still-robust chocolate, covered in crispy batter and oozing caramel in the middle.
So, so, so naughty and so, so, so good!

You have to promise to try one if you ever get the chance and then make up your mind. If you do in fact like it then you must also promise to only ever eat half of one a year.

Bondi Surf Seafood serve up their version in a coconut batter and Nigella (of course) does versions with a Bounty and Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Be very careful of the hot oil if you're making them at home.



m.e (Cathie) said...

welcome back!!
hope you are enjoying Melbourne weather after London.
now they look very rich indeed.

What's For Tea? said...

Thanks Cathie, it's nice to be back!

Rich is an understatement with these little babies, but boy are they good.

Stay tuned for some foodie tips and recipes from the UK...x

Sleekit said...

I'm looking forward to hearing of your travels lady x

Sleekit x

Hannah said...

Oooh, I'm in London right now! Can't wait to hear advice from you :) But where, pray tell, did you encounter this wee lil beastie? :P

What's For Tea? said...

Oooh lucky thing Hannah, it's such a cool city! I encountered the deep fried beastie in Edinburgh.

I have a guide to London so just click on the 'London' label to the right and enjoy exploring - stay warm! x

Agnes said...

I have to admit that I have tried deep fried Mars bars too. But I could only eat a little bit, and I felt so BAD afterwards!

Rilsta said...

I've never tried a deep fried mars bar before, but not because I haven't wanted to! I just haven't found anywhere that sells it. I'm sure it would probably make me feel ill, but it's one of those naughty things I want to be able to say I've had! :P

What's For Tea? said...

Hi Agnes - I too felt soooo naughty after eating, but like Rilsta reckons, it's a must on the list of 'I've tried one of those...'

Thanks for dropping by ladies x

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