Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour Part II

As I mentioned last week, I attended Earth Hour Unplugged at the Melbourne Zoo over the weekend. There was a bloggers event organised and even though it ended up a complete PR palaver it was lovely to be able to meet the writers of some of my fave blogs and get to know some new ones!

We were lucky enough to enjoy a behind-the-scenes-up-close-and-personal look at the reptile house and handle some of the iguanas and snakes.

Who knew Fijian crested iguanas loved redheads?

As a result of the evening I have decided Wagons are my new bestest Melbourne band; I still want to marry Tim Rogers; and you should all go and sign this petition.

The Zoo is running a VERY IMPORTANT Don't Palm Us Off Campaign, lobbying for palm oil to be labelled in order for us savvy shoppers to have the choice to boycott products that are contributing to the destruction of orangutan habitat and ultimately their extinction.
Please do educate yourself on this issue and know that just like Earth Hour the actions of one person CAN make a difference.

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