Monday, April 12, 2010



My goodness it feels as if I haven't posted anything for about a month! And it's only been a week, well ok, 8 days, but whose counting?

I have been on holiday in Queensland over the Easter break, catching up with friends and not doing any cooking whatsoever.
The no cooking continues today because it's my wedding anniversary and Mr Tea is taking me out to dinner at The European.

So in lieu of a recipe I am giving you some pictures (and maybe some inspiration to make something yummy) that I took at the Farmer's Market in the Brisbane CBD.
Every Wednesday local producers set up at the end of Queen Street Mall to sell their home-grown wares. I love that this market magically appears right in the middle of the city once a week!
I also love that I managed to carry the macarons I bought from the charming Alex, about 1600kms without crushing them. Grand Marnier flavour is my fave.



Sleekit said...

Happy Anniversary to you too hun, how was The European?

By the way I have the best 10 min cookie recipe to share with you, will send soon

Sleekit x

Agnes said...

Aww, happy anniversary!

Lots of lovely food pics from Brisbane there - that's cool that it's right in the CBD!

What's For Tea? said...

Oh thanks ladies! I had a lovely night and two dozen gorgeous roses to boot - I am very lucky.

That market is fab Agnes - what a progressive council to have it in the CBD, more should take a leaf out of the Brissy book. It was packed with shoppers.

Lady Sleekit - look forward to your recipe x

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