Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review - Demitri's Feast - $$-$$$ - V

As we made our way to Richmond on Sunday, the Breakfast Club looked like we were trying to break some kind of how-many-chicks-can-we-cram-into-a-Getz world record. My little car was packed with five of us and after our massive feed it turned into the little hatchback that could in order to get us home.

I spend a fair amount of time on Swan Street and can categorically say that until Jim opened Demitri's Feast there was nowhere on the strip worth mentioning when it came to breakfast. Which is why on the weekends you have turn up very early or be prepared to wait for a table. And I say wait! It's totally worth it and you can always meander around Dimmeys looking for a bargain to pass the time.

When you do get your table you may find yourself sitting on an old olive tin that's been turned into a stool - clever huh? The menus are placed on cardboard from Greek produce boxes and you immediately see the Hellenic influence on the breakfast and lunch choices: feta, Greek yoghurt, feta, ouzo, feta, whitebait, and of course more feta.

The coffee is great, the conversation flows easily and even though it's hive of activity, Demitri's is a really relaxed place to dine. The service is friendly, with the staff happy to check with the kitchen if variations are requested (ours were accommodated, no probs) and there are no pretensions here. In fact when a victorious local footballer walked in the Richmond theme song was blasted through the cafe and a round of applause went up.

Scrambled eggs and baclava-style French toast were the most popular choices with the club. The serve of eggs was generous, the cherry tomatoes arrived still attached to their mini vines and it was agreed that just the right amount of feta was melted through scramble.
I branched out and had the French toast - something I never order. But the sound of the orange syrup and walnuts was not to be passed up. The toast was brioche and the yoghurt was a gorgeous tangy contrast to the honey-like sweetness of the orange sauce. And I loved that the sauce was on the side, allowing you to pour as much or as little as you like onto the fluffy bread. The only downside to the dish were some of the walnut pieces were so crunchy and toffee-like I was a little afraid for my teeth.

Even though the cafe was heaving and the line for tables long, we were not at all rushed to give up ours and left Demitri's joking with the waiter and declaring we will be back. I look forward to a midweek lunch and maybe a cheeky afternoon ouzo.

ΏΠΑ - Enjoy!

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Jetsetting Joyce (MEL: HOT OR NOT) said...

It's been on my list for a while and food looks amazing....do they took bookings as I'm not really a fan of lining up for breakfast!

Jetsetting Joyce

What's For Tea? said...

Hello JJ! You should definitely go and check it out - they don't take bookings unfortunately, so the early bird catches the table :)

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