Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review - Sirocco Bangkok - $$$$$ - V

Before I tell you about my dinner at this truly amazing restaurant I must apologise, I was so engrossed in the whole experience it was not the time for taking very good photos, so please bear with me. Luckily the menu is online so I can at least give you the details of what we ate, but it changes seasonally so check it out here if you're going to Sirocco.

Sirocco is an open air restaurant, located on the 64th floor rooftop of the Lebua Hotel and State Towers in Bangkok! Stepping onto the domed terrace that looks out over the hot city is a truly breathtaking sight.

From the moment we walked through the door the service was attentive and not at all snooty, which was a nice change from some of the pretentious fine dining experiences I have had in other cities.
We were seated at a raised table that had a gorgeous view of the river and the lights of Bangkok; obviously cocktails were needed to toast the fine view!

To start with I had the cauliflower velouté with white truffle cloud and Provençal crisp - which was velvety and just the right amount of salty. Mr Tea went for the Alaskan king crab with hand rolled potato gnocchi, sage roasted butternut squash and chanterelle mushrooms - there was so much going on on this plate flavour wise it was a little overwhelming to be honest!

Some French bubbles were next and then a sorbet was served to cleanse the way for the mains. I was going to try the tuna but the waiter warned me it would be served rare. Call me uncultured but I like my fish a little more cooked than that so I opted for the pan fried Chilean sea bass with artichokes, balsamic jus and Parmesan emulsion - yep more foam!

Mr Tea went for another pasta-ish choice with seared veal medallion topped with ricotta spinach ravioli and served with potato galette on Pommery mustard sauce. Did you get all that? The veal was truly melt in the mouth and we were both stuffed afterward.
Needing a breather we stretched our legs and had a drink at the bar because we couldn't bring ourselves to leave such a special place. There were all sorts of special things going on around us too: a woman was presented with a giant string of pearls and then her partner proceeded to stage a photo shoot with various poses on and around their table; another woman was whisked passed us to a lower level table after having fainted either from the height or the sheer delight of being at Sirocco!

We split a dessert and had a vanilla bean and lime brûlée served with pineapple salsa. There was a sliver of tempered chocolate ribbon on top that was completely unnecessary but apart from that the brûlée was cracking perfection on top and creamy, delicious inside.

Sirocco is superfine dining and you pay Western prices for the privilege but if you can afford it I so recommend treating yourself to dinner here. You can book ahead online but be warned you need to use a credit card as a guarantee and if you cancel within a month you will be charged USD100.00 which you don't find out until AFTER receiving the confirmation email!
If you can't stretch to dinner you can visit the bar and enjoy the view; again it's Western prices and you will be paying top dollar for a cocktail or imported beer, but treat yourself if you can because it is a once in a lifetime culinary experience.



fodla is my home girl said...

We went there for cocktails on the open air balcony years ago and it was awesome. The view is unbelievable and if you can't afford to have dinner there have a drink and then head around the corner to the yummy veggie place.

What's For Tea? said...

I'm with you home girl!

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