Monday, June 28, 2010

Thai-Style Fruit Shake - 1 - $ - V

Hello! I'm back from a lovely week away in Thailand. When I boarded the plane to come home the temperature was 34C delicious degrees and when I stepped off in Melbourne it was 5C! Brrrrrr is an understatement.

Railay Beach

I spent a couple of days in bustling Bangkok and then headed down south to beautiful Railay Beach. No roads, no markets, no nothing except pure relaxation. Even though we stayed in a resort we ate most meals in little local eateries and for breakfast I had yummy fruit shakes. For $2 these drinks were a bargain and really filling. The secret ingredient that made them super delicious is coconut water. You can find coconut water in health food shops and Asian grocers and then you too can have a little taste of Thailand at home.


fresh fruit - you might like to try combining watermelon and pineapple; mango and banana; pineapple and mango; blueberry and banana - whatever floats your boat and is in the fruit bowl
1/4 cup coconut water

Chop your fruit (about a cup of fruit and a cup of ice per person) and then put it and the other ingredients in the blender. Blend on high to crush the ice and mix everything together.
Pour into a glass to serve.



Sleekit said...

Looks devine, will you be making these for our next little outing x

Sleekit x

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