Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roti Banana Pancakes via STREAT - $ - V

I'm very excited to announce I will be doing some regular guest-blogging over at the STREAT website!

My first post is up now and you can see it over here.

Roti banana pancakes from Bangkok...you know you want to...look how delicious they are...



Iron Chef Shellie said...

oh how exciting! I'll go over there and check it out... that pancake looks like something I could eat right about now!

Erica Louise said...

Those pancakes look SO GOOD!!!

What's For Tea? said...

It is VERY exciting - thanks Shellie!

I tell you what ladies I could do with some Thai weather AND a pancake on this chilly Melbourne eve...x

Sleekit said...

Good on you petal

You fancy guestin over at Sleekit while I'm away??

Sleekit x

What's For Tea? said...

I would be honoured Lady Sleekit!

Only thing I like better than food is fashion!

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